Moving checklist is most important part of any relocation process. Our moving experts gathered few point for your attention. It’s recommended to read and follow below mentioned rules before the moving starts. 

First part: 2-3 months before the move

  •  – Create a cost plan
  •  – Start with clearing out and disposing of unused items in the apartment, the attic and the basement, so that no more is taken, than necessary
  •  – Discarded but still useful things on the flea market or on the Internet sell
  •  – For unusable items: Apply for bulky waste or find out about the district bulky waste
  •  – Measure out new apartment. Furniture from the old apartment that does not fit into it can be sold before and save load when moving
  •  – Make an appointment to hand over the apartment with the previous and new landlord
  •  – Apply for vacation for the move day
  •  – Organize friends and relatives as helpers for the move day
  •  – Obtain an offer from the moving company (keep cost estimates)

Second part of the checklist: Approx. 4 weeks before the move

  •  – Prepare / apply for registrations, this can be done on presentation of the lease even before the move date.
  •  – Doing cosmetic repairs in the old apartment according to the lease, or organizing a craftsman for major damage
  •  – Apply for a no-parking zone for the furniture transporter

The application may be made by the moving company if necessary. If you take the organization into your own hands, the road signs must be picked up and set up yourself. 

Third part of the checklist: The last 7 days before the move

  •  – Pack moving boxes
  •  – Label and mark boxes
  •  – Disassemble pieces of furniture
  •  – Water plants as little as possible to avoid extra weight
  •  – Set up / attach a parking reservation sign
  •  – Get key for the new apartment
  •  – Handover of the new apartment

When handing over the new apartment deficiencies should be noted in a handover record, so you can prove afterwards that they have already existed before moving in. If deficiencies persist, they must be communicated to the landlord or administrator as soon as possible in writing.

  •  – Check if keys to the old apartment are complete
  •  – Hand over the transfer of the old apartment

We know what to pay attention to – full service moving company


We know what to pay attention to – full service moving company

There are some things you have to do yourself when moving, but we can take a lot from you. We as moving professionals have already made some moves. Routine, experience and the necessary know-how allow us to carry out your order smoothly. In addition to the standard services such as transport and clearing of your moving stuff, the organization of on-site parking and sufficient staff, we also offer additional services related to the move. Whether you need help with packing, needing moving material in the form of boxes, or need help with storing your property, as a full-service moving company we stand by your side. So that you can calculate the resulting costs well, we offer a free pre-inspection of the apartment and the transported goods. We look forward to your inquiry.

"Using Orange County Moving & Storage has been a great experience. I’ve dealt with other moving companies that quote a low price but then have a bunch of hidden fees — not the case here! Their quotes are simple and professional, even tax is included in the price so I knew what I would be paying exactly. They are everything a customer would want in a moving company!”
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