One of the most important tasks when preparing to move home is the packing of household goods. Now there are very different techniques to pack cartons. Orange County Moving Company has published a blog post with packing tips that not only make relocation preparation easier but also lead to faster relocation and unpacking. In addition, you can save a lot of packaging material and thus money with these tricks. Of course, we do not want to deprive you of these 10 packing tips for moving.

1. Cover clothes with trash bags instead of packing in boxes

  • Why should you take clothes out of the closet piece by piece, fold them and pack them into boxes when things get a lot easier? Cover all hanging garments with trash bags, tie them to the top of the temples, ready. Now you can simply take the clothes out of the closet, place them in the moving truck and quickly hang them back in the closet in the new apartment.

2. Pack the dishes with the help of towels

The dishes must be packed in the moving boxes, the towels too. So why not combine and use the towels as filler? This saves her wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and space in the boxes. Did you know that plates should be placed vertically in the boxes? So the risk of breakage is lower.

3. Wrap glass in socks

You can use the same principle for glasses and vases. Glasses are wonderfully packed in socks. For extra protection, we recommend using newspapers, towels, or garments between the jars as upholstery.

4. Close bottles with foil

Do you know that when the hand lotion or shampoo comes out of the bag? That’s what you want to avoid when moving. There is also a simple trick to pack bottles extra safely. Open the bottles, cover them with cling film and screw the cap back on. 

5. Wrap jewelry neatly

Do you have a lot of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets? Then you should pack this jewelry properly. For precious jewelry, you can use a jewelry bag. But there are also some extraordinary tricks to package jewelry.

Did you know that you can avoid knots in the chains if you put them in straws, for example? For longer necklaces, you can also use toilet paper rolls or chill paper rolls. Would you have thought of using tablet cans to keep jewelry apart? In plastic boxes packed your jewels are not only separated from the rest of ideal jewelry but also well protected

Even cling film is great for packing jewelry. Lay a piece of foil on the table, then put the jewelry on one half of the foil, for example, earrings, bracelet, and necklace from a set, and then cover the jewelry with the other half of the foil and stroke the palm with the palm of it this is closed nicely.

Another great trick, earrings that belong together, also to hold together: Put them through buttons. Always an earring pair in a button. You can also put earrings through a piece of thin foam and then attach them to the back with tape.

Even wrapping paper is ideal to pack jewelry separately and protected. Simply roll the pieces of jewelry into the paper and glue them with tape. Finally, you put the packed jewelry in the jewelry box and pack them in wrapping paper and cardboard boxes.

6. Pack books in a suitcase

Books are usually the heaviest items you need to pack. It helps a lot when you move if you can roll it instead of carrying it. Use your suitcases with wheels for the books and spare your back during the move.

7. Wrap dressers and sideboards in foil

Changing drawers and sideboards into protective foil has two advantages: The doors and drawers remain closed during transport. The items in the drawers can, therefore, stay inside, as long as they are not fragile. Second, you protect the furniture from scratches that can happen quickly during the move.

8. Organize and label screws

In order to avoid the search for the right screws when rebuilding the furniture, we recommend to put the screws of each piece of furniture in small bags and label them when disassemble. In addition, they can be hung with tape on a part of the furniture. So you have the screws to assemble the furniture right at your fingertips.

9. Take a photo of cables on electrical appliances before packing

After moving, connecting the electrical appliances can be a challenge. What was the red cable? And which cable comes in the connection? To avoid such difficulties, it is advisable to take a picture of the back of the equipment before unplugging the cables. It is also best to attach the cables to the associated device to avoid a long search for the right cable.

10. Sort the moving boxes with colored adhesive tape

When moving, it helps the helpers when the moving boxes are labeled. So you can immediately carry them to the right room in the new apartment. It is even more helpful if the boxes can be sorted by color. Buy colorful tape and choose a color for each room in the new house. Then stick it to the moving boxes and label them. In the new apartment, you can stick the same ribbon to the doors of each room. This is how furniture movers and helping friends see at a glance which room contains which boxes.

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